i make up excuses for everything ive done.
im not a princess but my needs are more like queen
i do very bad things ,and i do it well .
Live your life and i will live mine ~

Saturday, September 4, 2010 ♥
i will upload Ace@Chimes picture once my aisyah upload, super fun i tell you.
muny and me lost girl, aisyah is always the steady one but she also got kunek ah, kecik perangai mcm bapak org tu malam, okay ni empat pariah da gila balik than story panjang. okay bye AISYAH LINC upload.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 ♥
i PROMISE i will update MORE OFTEN.
anyway, me now doing well, im single and im not mingling yeeeet, broke off with Mae. from the start ive known ismail until 2months ago, i thought i could never move on wihout him. but noooow im breathing new air and its waaaay much better for me to be in this way rather than to loose tears, go work with swollen eyes and him? busy sleeping -.- it took me awhile to realise that his not worth it, when im with him, im doing to much, his always taking the relationship easy, im not over reacting last time sweetheart, THERES NO LOVE FROM YOU FUCKHEAD, yes easy for you to move on, but baby dont forget KARMA, you can 'promise' to yourself that your not going to get marry but laki sakit mcm kau i dont think so, you need girls to be by you ssweetheart, thats the truth, and once you get someone whom you love the most dont be shock if you cry for her one day, try overdozing or whatsoever just hoping that shes by you. im not cursing, hopefully not ,cause i still hope life goes well for you, ALWAYS, insyallah, amin. erasing the memories, got that im not apprieciated by you, me thinks you suck at being a boyfriend, but me like when you takecare of me at a moment of time due to some reson -.- mcm cb kan kau. eh no hati guy, gooooo noww for all i care, look back for one second, im never been loved by you, not that i knoow all, we can know who love who more in a relationship dickhead, peace brather, may you have goodlife ahead and tak kene tangkap (: okay la sweetmok boy, you takecare, nampak jangan tak tegur brooo.
see you sepet, muny, kecik dan manyak laaaaaagi.

Thursday, June 17, 2010 ♥

and it said that theres no more us ,from the start i knew you ,youre just as ass who loves to fool around ,meet than when the time comes ,you went M.I.A .remember you called ,you cried cause your adik tunang and him being the only brother you had and not being there hurts you real bad ?remember jumat accident at cheers ,youre actually mad at me but since you got noone to talk to you called me up crying and say how sory you were ?marina barage with mop ,tablets drop out and how smart you cover it all up ?how you gave me reasons after reasons jst because of drgs ?the most stupid reason you gave was your own grandma nazak ?at cantoment ?i didnt knew what happen until you told me ,we met ,i cried the whole journey to east coast and many other place ,o6o7o9 ,remeber what happen on that paticular day .we used to fight and neglect each other ,and me being the young one will find fault every now and than and you being the kedi one will off your phone ,after everything ,i think i got to change my everyday rountine ,to be a better person in life ,heads up .you be the last drug addict ive known ,THE LAST .many to talk but its ok i leave it for later .i coming to bedok reservoir .
saw you at airport ,much misses ,and im very sory ,happy serving national service (: takecare ye ,hope you find someone soon ,
NO FRONT VIEW PICTURE OF US ,die kopi aku susu ,anyway sory to you too ,go find a job okay ,MY DREAM IS TOO FLY farit ,lets fly together one day okay abang ,call mum soonest okay .windu lu la brother ,bila nak go club ACE ?

Thursday, February 25, 2010 ♥
AH HUI ,i miss you the most .its been long ,i miss you but i dont know if things will be the same like last time .you and me walking down orchard road holding hands ,you and me spending holidays togther ,you and me went to fish for guys(last time) ,you and me decide not to contact guys together ,you and me sneak in maccaroni in your room LATE AT NIGHT ,you and me went for movies ,you and me hate it when driver misuse HONS and we will count how many hons we heard in a day ,i miss you little sister ):muny have always been a big sister to us and you a little sister .muny will be spending her birthday with me ,and i hope you can join us .LinaDennis miss you SarahJalil ,aloooooooooot ,i want to huggg you reaaaaaal tight and i promise not to let go ,i miss you maggi girl .

i hope you can make it ,i miss you !

Friday, February 19, 2010 ♥
malay dance ,sec 2 ke 3 .so rindu the kecohness
vietnam .i upload this picture cause i spent 10 minutes looking at ifas face and rmbot wani look panjang ,HAHA
Singapore vs Vietnam? tahh tak ingat .my favourite boys :D
yatty always wipe my tears when i cried and sepet always give me advise .i swear i miss him and her .
miss Sheila Lim ,really okay .
true love (:
miss sitting in this room doing nothing and hear Mr Teng say 'Ley-na'

Your SweetHeart